All Dogs Walked

whatever the weather

£10 for a 1 hour walk. If you own more then 1 dog, then each subsiquent dog is charged at an additional £5.00 for 1 hour if walked together.

If you would prefer a half hour walk, the price for this is £7.50 for the first dog, then each subsiquent dog is charged at an additional £3.00 each if walked together.

If you have more than 3 dogs that require walking together, then please contact me for a personalised quote.

Feeding services are charged at £7 for a 20 minute visit. This will include change of water and bedding if required and, if feasible, a garden visit for your dog.

Pet Taxi - £10 per hour (min fee £10) plus 40 pence per mile.

***Max distance covered from Holbeach is 15 miles***

Home Boarding - £25 a night for the first dog, then £10 per night for any additional dog, from the same home.

Day care - £20 a day, then £10 per day for an additional dog, from the same home.

All prices include, pick up and return, food, treats and clean bedding daily.

Please note - There are no premium rates or additional charges for weekends, evenings or holiday seasons.  No admin or booking fees, you simply pay for the duration of your pets care.